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SOMA breath session

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This event finished on 09 May 2024




Join us & discover this amazing breathing technique to reach states of deep relaxation, clear focus and heightened consciousness.


Breathwork is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting mind, body, and spirit. When we breathe together in certain ways, the collective energy has a magical effect within the group and can create a positive response in the individual’s heart, feelings, and emotions. By breathing together not only do we create a sense of community, we tap into our own inner resources and collectively help to raise each other up energetically. It can be very empowering realising that you have the resources within to connect with all that is, simply by shifting your focus of awareness inwards.


The SOMA energised meditation session is a ritual that includes movement, chanting or toning, and scientifically proven breathwork and ancient Pranayama techniques. This is then combined with rhythmical and euphoric music (breathing in beats), guided meditation, and visualisation techniques creating a session that is a multi-sensory experience.  It’s designed to release tension from the body, boost your mood, improve your health, and is a super-effective breathwork meditation. SOMA provides the framework for real transformation in all areas of your life. Once the body and mind relax you become receptive to new ideas, and you can literally reprogram your subconscious mind with positive new habits and beliefs through the power of positive intention, visualisation and affirmations.


During a SOMA breath session, the  breath is controlled with rhythmic breathing and breath retention using a technique known as ‘kumbhaka’. Kumbhaka is the retention of breath, either with full lungs (Antar)  or empty lungs (Bahir). Kumbhaka actives prana (subtle energy) and clears the mind, aiding concentration or reaching deep meditative states. It’s a purification practice that helps promote healing and develops the capacity of the respiratory system.


The function of the rhythmic breathing is to bring us firstly into a state of relaxation. Once this is reached, then we transition into a state of flow and physiological and mental coherency. During the flow state we journey to a higher energetic vibration. By holding the breath we create periods of brief intermittent hypoxia. During this time we go deep into a meditative state, connecting with our higher self and accessing dormant parts of the brain. It’s an opportunity for expansion and release, bringing us back into a place of wholeness and unity. As we enter a state of neuroplasticity we can literally re-write our story.  SOMA Breath techniques have the power to transform someone even down to a cellular level. Intermittent hypoxia is also an amazing way of improving the body’s resilience and oxygen efficiency.

A SOMA breath session lasts between 60-90 minutes and by the end participants feel relaxed, elated, focussed and energised.



Join session on via ZOOM: EUR 15 pp