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Hatha Yoga

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This event is running from 29 May 2024 until 24 July 2024. It is next occurring on 5 June 2024 08:30

  • Venue: Le Petit Paradis
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Hatha Yoga – Wednesday Morning Session

Class Description:

Take time for yourself with 75 minutes of Hatha Yoga and allow yourself to start the day from a place of calm focus.

During the class we get in touch with the wisdom of the body through conscious movement. With conscious movement it’s not about ‘no pain no gain’. Rather the opposite. We allow the wisdom of the body and breath to be our guide, informing our movements and giving us direct feedback as we journey through our practice. In this way we can safely get to our fullest range of movement (which is of course different each time we step onto our mat). It allows us to find our edge without pushing past it and causing injury. There are stretches and counter-stretches, twists, balancing poses and inversions to take the body through its paces in a safe and enjoyable way.
Through the connection with the breath we discover a calm focus within the mindspace that has always been there, but in the busy-ness of daily life can often get buried or feel ‘lost’. At the end of practice there’s a relaxation to allow the body to absorb the movement and energy flow from the practices into the whole system, followed by a brief meditation.
By the end of the session you’ll leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm, ready for the day ahead. It will become a very beneficial part of your day!
The class is suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome.
Class is in French (also English depending on participants).
  • Where:  Le Petit Paradis Studio, 11 Rue Emilie, 06160, Juan Les Pins
  • Time: 08.30-09.45
  • When: Wednesday mornings
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Meditation at the end of the class:

yoga class and meditation