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What To Expect

A treatment usually lasts around 60 minutes, with the practioner focusing on the major chakra points as well as the minor ones.

You will be fully clothed (without shoes), covered with a blanket and reclined on a massage table. Any metallic items should be removed so as not to interfere with the energy flow.
You may feel sensations of heat or tingling, visions of colour, release of tension or sleepiness. However, each person will have their own unique experience so one cannot really generalise on what may be experienced during a treatment.

The whole session usually lasts about 90 minutes and afterwards usually a sense of well-being, relaxation and calmness pervades.

There are five Reiki principles:

• Don’t get angry today.
• Don’t worry today.
• Be grateful today.
• Work hard today (meditative practice).
• Be kind to others today.


Whilst Reiki is pure energy, it should be recognised that intention, gratitude and acceptance are also forms of energy and as such are important parts of the Reiki process.


In many cases the cause of dis-ease has an emotional cause or root. Here are some of the emotional causes of dis-ease:
Accidents: Expressions of anger, frustration, rebellion
Adrenals/Kidneys: Shock and trauma, stress and fear. Inability to deal with the uncertainty in life. Over-stretching of the nervous system.

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