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A Typical Class

Revitalize Yoga®

A class is composed of four sections:

The first section of the class focusses on a series of asanas (postures) designed to stimulate every system in the body. Through regular practice, students should find increased strength, flexibility, tone and mobility. We work with the breath to access each posture safely.

The asanas are followed by a deep, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) where students are encouraged to let go of all tension in the muscles, body and mind.

The third section comprises pranayama, or breathing practice. A subtle yet powerful practice that promotes breath control which balances, cleanses, energises and calms the body and mind. Just as the mood influences the breath, by using a regular, steady and deep breath, a state of relaxation can be induced. Pranayama is one of the keys of inner peace.

The final part is a short meditation where we focus the mind on a single point, finding stillness within.

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