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Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga®

Students of any age and condition are encouraged to explore each posture at their own pace while mindfully observing what arises without judgement.

By balancing effort and surrender, the practitioner is able to discover the optimal flow of energy to achieve greater flexibility, strength, poise, and mental focus.

Besides promoting the health of all the systems in the body, the Integral Yoga system is designed to draw the practitioner into a physical and mental stillness that leads to an experience of one’s true nature, which is ever peaceful and happy.

Integral Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga involving conscious movement, accessible to students of all ages and abilities.

The goal of Integral Yoga® is to have an easeful body, a peaceful mind and a useful life.

When practiced as a complete discipline, Integral Yoga incorporates the following practices: Hatha yoga (asanas, pranayama), Raja Yoga (self-discipline and meditation), Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion), Karma yoga (selfless action), Jnana yoga (reflection, self-analysis) and Japa yoga (mantra repetition).

According to Integral Yoga it is the birthright of all individuals to realize the spiritual unity behind the diversity throughout creation and to live harmoniously as members of “one universal family”.

This goal is achieved by the maintaining of our natural condition as:
• a body of optimal health and strength,
• a mind well disciplined, clear, and calm,
• an intellect as sharp as a razor,
• a will as strong and pliable as steel,
• a heart full of unconditional love and compassion,
• an ego as pure as crystal, and
• a life filled with supreme peace, joy and bliss.

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