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SOMA Breath
Revitalize Yoga & Reiki

What is SOMA Breath?

SOMA breath is an amazing breathing technique based on ancient yogic breathing principles and mixed with modern technology to bring you into a state of coherency and harmony. Your personal energy levels are increased and you can access higher states of being and living in flow.

SOMA breath was founded by Niraj Naik in 2012 after he cured himself of ulcerative colitis, a degenerative disease, using breathing techniques and positive visualisations. Following this he developed breathing in beats technology to get participants into specific rhythmic breathing pattens to induce states of deep relaxation and heart coherence. The deeply meditative effects of SOMA breath induce Alpha and Gamma brainwave states which allow us to literally re-write our subconscious beliefs.

Using a combination of scientifically proven breathwork and Pranayama techniques, SOMA Breath is a remarkable process for reaching heightened states of consciousness and ecstatic bliss.

Breathwork and holding your breath is the key to your physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. It’s the key to your creativity, your intuition, living in flow state, living authentically, and living in pure joy.

Revitalize Yoga & Reiki

What happens in a SOMA Breath session?

Typically we start with movement to awaken the SOMA, the body, and activate both hemispheres of the brain. This is followed by Toning or chanting to awaken the different energy centres in the body and endocrine system. Toning is also deeply relaxing. We then move into the meditation and breathwork part of the session which can be done seated or lying down. Rhythmic breathing is combined with Kumbhaka, breath retention, both with empty lungs and full lungs enabling us to override the autonomic nervous system and access the most primitive parts of the brain. Using positive visualisation we can absorb qualities we’d like to enhance, or simply relax and enjoy the stillness. SOMA breath leaves you feeling refreshed, clear-headed, uplifted and calm.

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