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Breathe Through the Change of Season Blues

Pranayama – Breathe Through the Change of Season Blues It’s quite a common occurrence that people experience a change in their mood and behaviour with the change of the season. Whilst this has only recently been labelled as S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) sensitivity to the change of seasons and winter blues […]

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Say yes more often!

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Revitalize Weekend Yoga Retreat, 24-26 October

Join us for a weekend yoga retreat with Rowan Cobelli in St Andre Les Alpes, 24 -26 October A wonderful opportunity to unwind, rest and reconnect with yourself after the busy summer season, in the heart of the stunning ‘arriere pays’ countryside. ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’ is a 17th century […]

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Life Gets Clear

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Life Moves Pretty Fast

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Founder, Noona Ayres

Revitalize was founded by Noona Ayres, above, and brings Integral Yoga to the Cote d'Azur.