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Integral Yoga – Workshop with Rowan Cobelli

Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 January

Join us for a weekend of deep practice at the Sohum Yoga Shala in Antibes, as Rowan shares with us the ins and outs of Integral yoga with 6 unique workshops.


Saturday 9h-12h30: Discovering the Edge
Find greater depth in the practice, as we discover the refinement in asana (posture) through guidance of breath and subtle adjustments. Allow the posture to come to light. Yoga is a mirror which we use to see. Changing the way one moves on the mat can help alter one’s perspective.

Saturday14h00 – 17h00: Moving into Stillness –  Discovering the Koshas
Use the koshas as a quiet guide to navigate into the more subtle aspects of asana (posture). Through the journey of yoga learn to connect with inner wisdom, peace and clarity. Drop expectation and judgment as we create space for acceptance in the present moment.

Saturday Evening 18h00 – 19h30: The Art of Moving Freely
An evening of authentic movement and music. A diverse playlist and relaxed atmosphere to support us as we break out of the ordinary and have some fun, exploring rhythm and movement

Sunday 9h00 – 12h30: Choosing What To Listen To – The Filter
We can be bombarded by many sensations, conditioned thoughts and belief systems within our practice. Is each of these messages useful? In this session, we explore our ‘inner drivers’ and look at the relationship between mano maya kosha (conditioned mind) and intuitive, free movement. When do we come out of an asana, what tells us enough is enough and what is an inner navigation to alignment supposed to feel like?

Sunday 14h00 – 17h30: Deepening Pranayama and Meditation
This workshop will be a series of guided meditations, breathing practices and hints for practice, with space to ask questions. We will look at the application and impact of meditation on day to day living and the integration of these practices into life.

Sunday 17h45 – 18h30: Puja – Devotional Closing Ceremony
What is a puja? A time to cultivate gratitude through various ancient practices.


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150€ for full weekend
40€ per session