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Yoga for tight Psoas

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Yoga for a Tight Psoas Muscle

This 25-minute practice includes poses specifically to help stretch the psoas muscle.

The psoas muscle, also known as ‘the muscle of the soul’, connects our legs to our spine. It’s one of the primary muscles which responds to the ‘fight or flight’ impulse. In other words, when we have a perceived threat, danger or stress this muscle fires up in preparation to run. 

The psoas attaches through the lower back, runs through the pelvis and attaches to the thigh bone or femur. The problem with prolonged and repeated exposure to stress is that tension increases in the muscle, often resulting in lower back pain, digestive problems and other issues around the abdominal and lumbar regions. When we learn how to access and stretch this muscle it helps us to release stored up tension. 

During your practice it also helps to visualise, during a nice, long exhale literally breathing out and releasing physical, emotional and mental tension. Too much sitting can also exacerbate the problem of a tight psoas so try to get moving at regular intervals throughout the day. 

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