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Summer Soother One Day Retreat

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SUNDAY 11 JUNE 2017, 9.30 – 4.00. Abi’s in Mougins

Revitalize Yoga & Reiki


Join us for a one day retreat to calm the body and mind from the inside out! Relax in the beautiful location of Abi’s villa in the old town of Mougins.


Revitalize Retreat



The theme is rebalancing, calming and soothing the body and I’m teaming up with Kate Tarrat Cross, a nutritionist and health coach from Go With The Glow for the day’s events. Throughout the day we’ll be focusing on balancing the body’s systems using yoga, nutrition, breath-work, meditation and other techniques. There will also be an introduction to chanting, a form of Bhakti yoga, which helps to purify the nervous system. Kate will share with you some great nutritional tips on how to clean up your diet and create nutritious meals. She’ll also be doing a cooking demonstration where you’ll get hands-on experience on how to prepare a healthy and delicious meal.
The day will start with a Hatha yoga practice, designed to help clean the systems in the body, boost the immune system and release some of the emotional ‘baggage’ that  we all accumulate throughout our lives. We’ll be balancing the body not only physically but also energetically.
After our yoga practice we’ll enjoy a purifying, warming elixir before Kate shares with us her nutritional gems on raw food and takes us through a hands-on cooking demonstration where we’ll create our lunch dish.
One of the ultimate ways to balance and calm the body is through the breath. In the afternoon we’ll be exploring a variety of breathing techniques designed to bring the nervous system back into equilibrium, recharge the body’s natural energy and the soothe the mind. After exploring the subtle energy body and the chakra system we’ll be tapping into this fountain of inner wisdom with a breath-work/meditation/journalling exercise as we start to discover the answers that are contained within ourselves.
We’ll finish up with an introduction to chanting where we’ll learn some basic chants and mantras to uplift the soul, energise the body and create a sense of calm, peace and unity within.
With Noona Ayres
Yoga teacher and Reiki Master
Founder of Revitalize
& Kate Tarrat Cross
Nutritionist and Health Coach
Founder of Go With The Glow

The price for the day is EUR 95 including lunch

Please contact me if you’d like to reserve your space. EUR 50 deposit to confirm your space (non-refundable)
Tel: +33 665 716 782
The workshop takes place at Abi’s in Mougins: 53 chemin st Sebastian, Mougins.