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More On Chakras

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Chakras are subtle energy centres that relate to the hormonal (endocrine) system in the body and the major nerve plexuses.
There are seven major chakras in the body.
Each chakra relates to different levels of consciousness, developmental stages of life, emotions, thoughts, colours, sounds, body functions and much more. The chakras are said to develop over the course of our lifetime.
In order to bring more harmony to our entire system, subtle energy healing tries to assist the individual in bringing the chakras into balance when they are blocked or overactive.


Where Are The Chakras Located

The human’s subtle energy body is made up of thousands of pathways known as nadis which conduct prana or energy throughout the body. Amongst the most important are Sushumna, Ida and Pingala which all originate at the base of the spine. The main one, Sushumna, is centrally located and passes up through the spinal column, with Ida starting to the left and Pingala to the right. Ida and Pingala spiral around the Sushumna up the spine, intersecting four times before converging at the nose level. Each junction of these three nadis marks a chakra.
The Chakras are situated in a vertical line ascending from the base of the spine to the head.


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1st Muladhara – base or root chakra.
Located at the base of the spine
Colour – red
Function / emotional aspect – security, physical presence, sense of groundedness, survival, material
Bija mantra sound syllable: LAM
 2nd Swadhistana – sacral chakra
Located  2- 3 inches below the naval
Colour – orange
Function / emotional aspect – physical health, sex, prosperity, sensuality, pleasure, well-being
Bija mantra sound syllable: VAM
3th Manipura  – solar plexus chakra
Located in the solar plexus, just above the naval
Colour – yellow
Function / emotional aspect – personal power, how we relate to the world, will power, sense of identity, self confidence, self-worth
Bija mantra sound syllable: RAM
4th Anahata – heart chakra
Located in the centre of the chest
Colour – pink or green
Function / emotional aspect – love, empathy, compassion
Bija mantra sound syllable: YAM
5th Vishudda – throat chakra
Located in the middle of the throat
Colour – blue
Function / emotional aspect – communication, hearing, speaking, expression, creativity
Bija mantra sound syllable: HAM
6th Ajna – third eye chakra
Located between the eyebrows or slightly above
Colour – violet
Function / emotional aspect – seeing, visualizing, intuition, intellect, use of information for happiness and health
Bija mantra sound syllable: OM
7th Sahasrara  – crown chakra
Located a few centimetres below the top of the head
Colour – white or violet
Function / emotional aspect – spirituality, inspiration, transcendence
Bija mantra sound syllable: None
An under-active or over-active chakra can manifest on many different levels; not only physical but also emotional, mental and spiritual. The purpose of a Reiki session is to bring all these different aspects of our being into balance.

Emotional causes of Dis-Ease

In many cases the cause of dis-ease has an emotional cause or root. Here are some of the emotional causes of dis-ease:
Expressions of anger, frustration, rebellion
Shock and trauma, stress and fear. Inability to deal with the uncertainty in life. Over-stretching of the nervous system.
Difficulty in being able to react to rapidly changing circumstance.  Lack of understanding or trying to analyse things not relevant to our progression.
Self-hate, denial of life nourishments, ‘not good enough’
Ability to embrace, old emotions held in joints
Pattern of criticism or self and others, perfectionism
Smother-love, guilt complex, inferiority complex. Related to fear or insecurity, or even emotional anger.
Upper = not feeling supported emotionally, needing support. Middle = guilt. Lower = burnout, worrying about money.
Mothering, over-mothering a person/thing/place/experience. Breast cancer = deep resentments attached to over-mothering
Burns, Boils, Fevers, Itis, Sores, Swellings
Control issues. Self-control.
Deep resentment, distrust, self-pity, hopelessness, helplessness.
Constipation is inability to let go, diarrhoea is fear of holding; constipation = lack of trust of having enough, hoarding.
Too hard to accept what is said. Earaches = anger, deafness = refusal to listen.
Inner seeing and feeling. The need to be seen by others, or not seeing their needs Not seeing what is plainly in front of our eyes, or what is ahead. The eyes are also connected to the sinus and link to unshed tears.
Self-understanding, moving forward. Balance, stability.
Index = ego, anger and fear. Thumb = worry. Middle = anger, right: a man; left, a woman. Hold with other hand to release. Ring = unions and grief. Little = family and pretending.
Anger that has turned to bitterness.
Femininity or masculinity issues, rejecting sexuality, ‘sex is dirty’, ‘women’s bodies are unclean’. Bladder infections = being pissed off, holding in hurt. Vaginitis = romantically hurt by a partner. Prostrate = self-worth and sexual prowess. Impotence = fear or spite against mate. Frigidity = fear, sexual guilt, self-disgust. PMS = denial of female cycles or female worth. VD = sexual guilt.
Holding on too rightly to money or relationships. Arthritis = self-criticism, internalizing criticism, criticizing others.
Us, what we show the world, something radically wrong.
Invalidating the self.
Love centre. Heart is love and blood is joy. Heart attacks are a denial and squeezing out of love and joy. Loss, rejection, emotional pain and anguish.
Body’s physical support system. Stored problems result in excess of fat, whilst being too vulnerable in life results in thinness. The inability to deal with a changing environment.
Inflexibility, unable to bend, pride, ego, stubbornness, fear of change/moving forward, self-righteousness. The need for support for emotional or practical issues.
Fear or reluctance of moving forward, not wanting to move. Varicose veins =m standing where we hate.
Anger stored over long periods of time. Long term insecurity.
Inability to take in and give out life, denial of life. Emphysema or too much smoking = denial of life, inferiority.
Anger and perfectionism, frustration. Masturbate to stop.
Flexibility issues. Rigidity in thinking. The link between intellectual and physical processes.
Needing protection insecurity
Guilt seeking punishment, notice where it manifests.
Losing the sweetness of life. Lack of spark or the ‘spice of life’.
Helplessness with birth or sexual issues. Guilt to do with sex, sexual anger with women.
Burdens and responsibilities and the inability to ‘shoulder’ those burdens. Tension and the difficulty to deal with or carry the things we need in life. Feeling that the ‘whole world’ is on our shoulders.
Irritated by someone.
Unfinished business, especially within relationships.
Stiff body = stiff mind, inflexibility, fear, ‘only one way’, resistance to change. Where manifests = where pattern is.
Inability to digest ideas and experiences. Who or what can you stomach? Fear.
Negative thinking, stopping of joy, forcing change of direction.
Stagnated thinking, bottled-up tears, feeling trapped.
Fear of change, inability to speak up, anger, frustrated creativity. Laryngitis = too angry to speak. Sore throat = anger. Tonsillitis or thyroid = stifled creativity, deeply stifled creativity in leukaemia.
False growth, tormenting an old hurt, not allowing healing. Uterine tumours = nursing slights to femininity, misogyny.
Fear, not being good enough, lack of self-worth.
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