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Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga

These specifically-designed pre-natal & post-natal yoga classes are great ways of preparing yourself for your journey into motherhood, childbirth and beyond.


Pre-Natal Yoga

pre-natal & post-natal yogaDesigned for expectant Mums, Pre-Natal yoga offers the chance to connect with your changing body, your growing baby and to prepare for the birth of your baby. Using specific postures, breath techniques and meditations, we aim to strengthen the mind and body for the approaching journey of motherhood. In the classes you’ll learn how to make space physically and mentally for your growing baby through fluid movements and special breathing techniques.
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Post Natal yoga

pre-natal & post-natal yogaSuitable from 6 weeks onwards. This is the time when Mums need to reconnect with their body, regain their energy levels and start to tap into their innate sense of inner knowing and empowerment. This class provides a chance to rebuild your changing physique into an enhanced, stronger body that you can be proud of, with a focus on re-strengthening the pelvic floor and the abdominal region using pilates and breathing techniques, easing tight shoulders and using calming breath techniques to soothe mind and get in touch with your inner wisdom. You will also be practicing yoga poses to gently stretch out the body, regain your flexibility and build up your strength.
Post Natal Yoga offers new Mums a place to connect with others and gain the support of a friendly network.
Classes can also include baby massage and baby yoga. A great way to learn some techniques that will help you bond with your baby and engage in activities beyond the basic needs of feeding, bathing and changing your new-born. Baby massage and baby yoga are beautiful, simple-to-learn techniques that help forge a stronger bond with your baby, assist in common problems such as wind, teething and help your baby’s developmental process.


Founder, Noona Ayres

Revitalize was founded by Noona Ayres, above, and brings Integral Yoga to the Cote d'Azur.