Yoga Class Description Allow yourself to wind down at the end of the day with a class of Integral yoga, and leave the class feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm, ready for a good night’s sleep. In this 75 minute yoga class we’ll practice a variety of asanas (postures) to move, stretch and strengthen […]

Come and discover Integral Yoga! Class Description: Start the day well with an hour of Integral Yoga. During the class we get the body and joints moving with asana practice (postures) to increase flexibility, strength and mobility, we reconnect with the breath which helps to calm and focus the mind. At the […]

Yoga in Mouans-Sartoux   Looking for an evening yoga class in Mouans-Sartoux? Join us in a beautiful private home (spaces limited) for a 75 minute class of Integral Yoga to wind down after the day, stretch out the body and breathe away accumulated tension or stress.   Class Description: In […]